What are Action Shooting Sports?

Shooter engaging targets under the supervision of a range officer

Shooter engaging targets under the supervision of a range officer

'Action Shooting' is a term that encompasses target shooting events where the shooter's score is based on both accuracy and elapsed time.  Depending on the discipline, various amount of movement may be required and shooters may be asked to engage targets from point-blank range up through several hundred yards.

Action Shooting at ASC

At Aurora Sportsmen's Club we currently offer the following Action Shooting Sports Disciplines:

  • Practical Rifle - The purpose of Practical Rifle is both competition and skills development.  This is an opportunity to get your rifle "off the bench" and challenge your marksmanship skills while developing new skills most shooters can't practice on a range.  Competitors will face new scenarios each month.  Attendees typically use modern, magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifles such as AR-15s, AK variants, Springfield M1As, etc. Bolt-action rifles are not recommended, since some stages require magazine changes.  Shooters should plan on firing about 100 rounds.  More information about Practical Rifle at ASC can be found on the Practical Rifle Page
  • Clinics - The Action Shooting Department offers both classroom and live-fire clinics oriented toward the practical application of firearms in a competition environment. 
  • The Action Shooting Sports Department is looking to expand its offerings moving forward.  We are currently working on a curriculum for a "Combat Shooting" event that would involve applying both pistol and rifle techniques to various self-defense scenarios.  We are also actively seeking someone to be the point-man on running Steel Challenge at the club.  If you are interested in either one of these activities, please contact the department chair, Eric Callis.