Action Shooting Sports Stage Boss Clinic

The Action Shooting Sports Stage Boss Clinic is targeted at individuals who wish to become more involved in the operation of Action Shooting Sports matches at ASC and want to be able to contribute to the events by supervising, running, and scoring stages at an Action Shooting Sports match.

Course Syllabus:

Range Officer.png
  1. Review the Safety Procedures at an ASC ASS Match
  2. Reading, Interpreting, and Delivering a stage walkthrough
  3. Projecting Control / Etiquette
  4. Scoring / Scoring Methods
  5. Penalty Types
  6. Using a Score Sheet
  7. Running a timer
  8. Stage Procedures
  9. Controlling the shooter
  10. Proper Range Commands
  11. Disqualification
  12. Practice Running Shooters (Role Play)

This course will be taught by a 13 year veteran USPSA competitor and certified NROI range officer.

Required gear includes:

  • Notebook/Paper
  • Pencil (eraser)

Optional gear includes:

  1. Laptop with PowerPoint Installed
  2. PowerPoint Stage Description Template
  3. Copies of current USPSA and IDPA Rule books (With 3 Gun Supplements)
  4. Snacks and drinks


Prerequisites:  None

Attendance at the Stage Design event is by pre-registration only and is handled through Eventbrite.  The cost is $10 for ASC members and $20 for non-members and is non-refundable.