AR15 Orientation and Gear Clinic

The Basic Rifle and Gear Clinic is an educational event designed for the new M4/AR15 platform owner or someone who is considering purchasing an M4/AR15 style rifle.  

Course Syllabus:

Proper sight picture through a military peep sight

Proper sight picture through a military peep sight

  1. Nomenclature of the AR Rifle and it's components (amaze your friends, RO's and the Practical Rifle Team with proper terminology!)
  2. How to properly disassemble, clean and reassemble the AR Rifle
  3. Care and Feeding of your AR Platform rifle (a.k.a How To Operate Those Do-Dads and Thing-a-ma-jigs On My Gun)
  4. Proper Control Manipulation (a.k.a. How To Use the AR and It's Controls SAFELY)
  5. Proper Magazine Changes
  6. Battle Sight Zero
  7. Proper Sight Picture
  8. Accessory Choices (a.k.a. How Not To Spend Your Money Twice On The Barbie-For-Men Rifle)
  9. Equipment Selection (i.e. rigs, pouches, etc.)
  10. Equipment Set Up (a.k.a. How Not To Fumble Your Magazines)
  11. Proper Equipment Fit (to you)

This is a CLASSROOM ONLY evolution - NO LIVE FIRE.

Required gear includes:

  • Your favorite AR rifle
  • Two (2) empty magazines

Optional gear includes:

  1. Cleaning supplies if you haven't cleaned her recently
  2. Anything you purchased and want advice about (rifle accessories, gear/kit, etc.) - BUT DO NOT BRING LIVE AMMUNITION


Attendance at the Rifle Handling Basics event is by pre-registration only and is handled through Eventbrite.  The cost is $20 for ASC members and $40 for non-members and is non-refundable. 

To register, click on the on the Register Now Buttons on this page.  2013 PR clinic dates are:


  • I am blown away by this clinic. I really have little to say. It was so utterly packed full of information it really leaves little for discussion. I can honestly say I could fully strip an AR down to its parts, properly clean them, inspect them and know what to look for, lubricate them, reassemble them properly and do all the fundemental checks. I can also fully operate the rifle including field zeroing it. I know about the different gas systems and what they mean, barrel length, sight radius, iron sights, optics, cheek weld, proper stock selection and placement, the handguard and all its glory, grips, mags, ammo, corrosive ammo 101 and the proper cleaning afterwards, SPORTS drills, mag changes, tac gear selection, pouches, care and feeding of not just the firearm but also the shooter, etc etc etc etc. - B.S. Aurora, IL
  • 6 hrs literally flew by. I learned a ton - Thanks so much Kevin! - P.B.
  • I agree with the other post's. Kevin you did a great job and I loved your straight up no BS presentation style. Not to mention you motivated me to get into better shape so I can do some PR events safely and you won't have to drag my a$$ to the E.R. - W.A.S