Safety is the priority at all times while on the range.  These safety rules apply to all events that take place under the auspices of the Action Shooting Sports department at Aurora Sportsmen's Club

Requirements for all shooters:

Safety Briefing

Safety Briefing

  1. IL residents must have a valid FOID card. Non-residents must have a valid drivers license and follow all applicable laws from his/her state of residence.
  2. Read and be familiar with the ASC Practical Rifle Orientation information
  3. Complete the ASC Waiver 
  4. All shooters must be present for the mandatory safety briefing for their event.  Individuals who are not present for the safety brief will not be allowed to shoot and will forfeit any entry fees they have paid.
  5. Any work that has to be done on firearms must take place at the safety area or under the direct supervision of a Range Officer.  Shooters working on their firearms in any other location will be disqualified for the remainder of the event.
  6. Safety decisions of the range officer are final.

Range Commands

The range commands below will be used for all Practical Rifle and Combat Shooting events.  IDPA uses their own set of range commands as dictated by IDPA.

  • "Make Ready”  This command signifies the start of the 'Course of Fire.' Under direct supervision of the Range Officer the competitor must keep her/his muzzle pointed down range (unless otherwise specified by the Range Officer), fit eye and ear protection, and prepare the rifle in accordance with the written stage briefing. The competitor must then assume the required start position. At this point, the Range Officer will proceed. 
  • Once the “Make Ready” command has been given, the competitor cannot leave the start location until the “Start Signal” without the prior approval, and under the direct supervision, of the Range Officer. 
  • “Are You Ready?”  The lack of any negative response from the competitor indicates that s/he fully understands the Course of Fire and is ready to proceed. If the competitor is not prepared at the “Are You Ready?” command, s/he must state “Not Ready.” Once prepared, the competitor should assume the required start position to indicate her/his readiness to the Range Officer. 
  • “Standby ...”  This command will be followed by the start signal within 1 to 4 seconds.
  • “BEEP” (Start Signal)  The signal for the competitor to begin the Course of Fire. If a competitor fails to react to a start signal, for any reason, the Range Officer will confirm that s/he is ready to attempt the Course of Fire and will resume the sequence beginning with “Are You Ready?” 
  • “Stop” or "Cease Fire"  Any Range Officer assigned to a stage may issue this command at any time during the Course of Fire. The competitor must immediately cease firing, stop moving and wait for further instructions from the Range Officer.
  • “If You Are Finished, Unload And Show Clear” If the competitor has finished shooting, s/he must make her/his rifle Safe, then present it for inspection by the Range Officer with the muzzle pointed down range, magazine removed, bolt locked or held open, and chamber empty. After the Range Officer confirms that the rifle is in a 'Safe' condition, a Chamber Flag will be inserted into the rifle.
  • “Range Is Clear”  This declaration signifies the end of the Course of Fire. Once made, officials and competitors may move forward to score, patch, reset targets etc